Acquire your guided visit to Cartagena at an unbeatable price and don’t miss the chance to visit this beautiful historic port city guided by an official touring guide who will collect you from the boat.

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Discover the most outstanding of the city of Cartagena, strolling for  two hours guided by a touring guide for an unbeatable price. You will have the time to walk and shop at your own pace without missing the opportunity of getting to know the culture and monuments of this historic city of the South of Spain. Book now and we will be waiting to accompany you during your visit to Spain.

This excursion need a minimum of 7 people. In case of not having the minimum amount of people a full refund of the reservation money should be given or another possible offer for a smaller group.




And if you would like to enjoy the most typical gastronomy of Cartagena, we can accompany you after the waking tour to visit the most outstanding taverns of the city.

You will be able to savour elaborated recipes of excellent quality, as well as the most magnificent Spanish wines. An excellent end to your visit to Spain. You can check for more details and book here.

This excursion need a minimum of 7 people. In case of not having the minimum amount of people a full refund of the reservation money should be given or another possible offer for a smaller group.




This tour will start at the pier where the official tourist guide will pick up your group. Has been designed to enjoy the city tour only with your family or your friends.

The guide will pick up you at the pier to start the tour around the highlights of Cartagena.

We will visit the Conception hill to see a spectacular views of the bay and the historical city of cartagena, the Theather Roman and we will walk around the historic quarter.




We offer the possibility of private excursions for small groups of up to 6 people who would like a more personalized treatment. This would aloud families, groups of friends or people with different needs a service where the guide is the one who adapts to their necessities. In this case, we have a small van service and an official touring guide during the whole tour at your requirements.




In this tour you will discover the highlights of the Región of Murcia, departing for Murcia in a mini-van, to visit the Sanctuary of “La Fuensanta” located in a natural reserve. Then we will walk around the historic quarter to visit the Cathedral.

After a break to have the lunch we will return to Cartagena to visit the Roman theatre, the main monument of the city and walk around the Calle Mayor the main street of the city where you can enjoy the great atmosphere in the main shopping area of Cartagena.



Book your tour now, and print your voucher. We will send you an e-mail with the time agreed and we will be waiting for you at the boat side with an identification company sing. You will only have to enjoy your visit to Cartagena.

Some our excursions need a minimum of 7 people. In case of not having the minimum amount of people a full refund of the reservation money should be given or another possible offer for a smaller group.



Like the city of Rome, Cartagena is surrounded by hills. Though the centuries, different civilizations built their cities upon the others within the peninsula limited by the five hills in the Cartagena Port. Cartagena is the second most populated city within the Murcia Region with a population of 200.000 inhabitants, number far exceed during the summer season.

The municipality of Cartagena has 65 kilometres of coast, going from la Manga Strip to the Bay of Mazzarrón . Stand out within this coastline two ports: The Cabo the Palos and Cabo Tiñoso. The inland, called Campo the Cartagena (Cartagena Fields) indicates the agricultural activity of this municipality. Thanks to the amount of annual hours of sun, the warm temperatures and the fertile soil, this plain is the most productive in the whole of Europe. A great part of the irrigation water of this area comes from the diversion Tajo-Segura, and productions are lettuce, broccoli, artichoke, melons, water melons, and numerous fruit trees like lemons, loquats, oranges…



The city of Cartagena has grown around its strategic port which has been inhabited by numerous civilizations. It was founded by the Carthaginian general Asdrubal in the year 229 B.C. remaining under Carthaginian control until conquered by the general Cornelio Escorpion. Under Roman control Cartagena became an important city and enjoyed many years of wealth and prosperity.

It was called by the Romans Cartago-Nova (New Carthage). Inhabited by the Visigoths and Byzantines it was conquered by the Muslims and re-conquered by Alfonso X (Alfonso the wise) in 1242. In the XVIII it was named capital of the Spanish Navy’s Maritime Department and the city was heavily fortified with numerous military constructions like the Arsenal (Navy yard) the Muralla del Mar (The Sea Wall) and the Castles and barracks to protect its port. At the end of the XIX century Cartagena became one of the richest cities of Spain thanks to its mining industry.

The modernism is the expression found to show the changes and progress that the city has been trough.



Cartagena is situated in the south east of Spain within the Murcia Region, and it is bordered by Valencia on the north and Andalucía on the south.

Cartagena is one of the most ancient cities in Spain. This is because its bay is the most important natural port in the Spanish Mediterranean and it has been inhabited by numerous civilizations like Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims and Christians who left testimonies of their passage in numerous historic monuments which can be seen all around the city.

The important cultural legacy and its pleasant climate are turning the city of Cartagena into a touristic development benchmark in Spain. There is a growing amount of tourists coming to visit Cartagena in big cru ships, and this is making this city a very well recommended stop and almost a must in their trip along the Mediterranean.





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